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Artwork TM Brenda Levos 2009

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United We Sand Part 2: Bismarck Mandan

United We Sand Bismarck MandanHere we are again, two years after the initial United We Sand campaign and I received a phone call from a friend of mine indicating that an aquaintance of hers was in Bismarck (which if suffering from extreme flooding) was spearheading an effort to raise funds to support the flood fighting effort. They were looking for some sort of graphical image to represent what they were doing. Her solution was to connect them with me and utilize the United We Sand artwork that we had developed for the Fargo Moorhead event. I agreed!

I dusted of the old Photoshop file, tweaked the design to reflect the current year and the Bismarck Mandan location and sent it off to URL Radio to do its job. Within the first hour there were a couple of dozen preorder shirts and over $4,000 in sponsorships!

I did a speaking event in Jamestown recently and due to the flooding the national guard was unable to present their keynote. I was honored to be asked to step in an fill that position! What did I speak on....United We Sand of course! What a great reminder of the spirit and intentions of one person + one person + one person. Never underestimate your impact.

In it for the right reasons, the shirts, once again took off. While there are other campaigns out there, this is the only design I have created or endorsed. Thank you to URL Radio and the following sponsors for joining the effort!