10 Tips for coping with change

presented by Brenda Levos

This presentation can be scheduled in either a one or two hour session and uses the letters in the word CHOCOLATE to deliver 10 tips for helping to cope with change or stress in your life.

Written from the experience of having a 15.6 ounce baby, Hope, Brenda weaves stories of her journey into the presentation. If your group is dealing with stress, or change and want a lighthearted look at how 10 simple things can make a difference in coping with your own journey contact Brenda for booking availability. 

What others are saying about this presentation:

“Loved the presentation. It was interesting, something one could really relate to, and I thought she was an excellent speaker. Great tips to cope with change. Immediately checked out her website once back home. Topic was very relevant to the changing times in transcription.

“Absolutely a wonderful speaker. I enjoyed her presentation very much. I feel that her presentation was very relevant in the fact the there IS so much change in this field.”

“Brenda, loved her presentation. Made me think. I'm at a place of change with work and it helped very much. Wouldn't change a thing.”

“Brenda was great. I think I was able to bring a lot of what she said back to me to my office and apply it to my every day, especially since things seem to change every day.”

“She was great. I learned some things about not taking things to heart as much such as "Its not the end of the world".”

“Brenda—she was awesome!”

“Brenda was amazing and inspirational.”

“Brenda Levos was great - I really enjoyed her presentation.”

“Loved Brenda Levos. She was an amazing speaker and really pulled you in and kept you interested the entire time.”