Does Membership have its privledges?

patron_0501.jpgLast week, in the mail, I received something quite interesting. A pretty typical CD mailer, maybe 5x5. Nothing spectacular from all outward indications; generic white with my address on a little printed label, but it felt a big weighty. Curious, I opened it anticipating I would find a CD with some software they I just couldn't live without. Much to my surprise, I found a beautiful little mailer, a little die cut bee design with a "snot dot" holding the mailer closed. As I opened the piece, I noticed it was a beautiful duplex stock, with silver foil printing. Ah, the Patron (tequila) Social Club sent me a beautiful little silver keychain, held in by a green ribbon, the same ribbon found with its arms wrapped around the neck of a bottle of Partron Silver Tequila. The inscription on the card reads:

patron_0502.jpgThank you for contributing to the Patron Social Club.

As a member we hold in high esteem, we've sent you a little something extra. Exclusive benefits may be attached so be sure to hang on to it. We look forward to hearing from you, both on the site and in the clubs. Stay social.

Beautiful, and man do I feel special now, due to the being held in high esteem and all. So what is this all about? A month or so ago, I had found online on some list of "cool sites" the Patron Social Club, so I decided to check it out. I signed up and kind of snooped around the site for a while, pretty cool indeed. Complete with a little bartender who stands there and talks to you, welcoming you to the club.

So, what are my "exclusive benefits" of the Patron Social Club? I guess we will just have to wait and see. For now, I will just sit and admire a beautiful print piece and the keychain that came with it.


Great Design. Great Functionality. Great Idea. One of the most unique shopping experiences out there. They're an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade. Very human to human products. None of the mass-manufactured stuff. Polar opposite of Walmart.

First off, all content is consumer generated. To design a beautiful interface with that fact alone is impressive. But beyond that, Etsy has built in some fantastic search features. Not only fantastic in function, but in form as well. All designers and developers should take note. Check some of them out... like the Time Machine, Geolocator, Connections. They also offer online classes, a community forum (social network) to connect with other Etsy users and other useful little features.

Etsy defines: "A positive first impression & a positive user experience". Good job Etsy.

jen_strickler.jpgContributed by:
Jennifer Strickler
Director of Flint Interactive


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